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Our Invention

Relaxation monitor and meditation device, the Noumic device spiritual development tool. Our website author, Mr Perry Rabbitts, developed this Noumic biofeedback device invention. For detailed information and instructions see our invention website www.noumic.com.

Spiritual Development Tool

The Noumic Device invention is an electronic instrument developed to be a self training tool to enhance meditation practice. Spiritual teachers agree that deep relaxation and meditation are the natural methods for enhancing spiritual development, so this is why we say it is a spiritual development tool.

Meditation Devices

Man using our electronic device relaxation monitor during meditation.Meditation directs the mind away from the outside world, normally, it is accompanied by deep relaxation. Our Noumic Device is simple to use and designed as an electronic device that you can relax deeply with.

Meditation - Information you never had

With our device, you get information in real-time showing precisely how your body and mind is responding. Now, when people do relaxation or meditation exercises, they can get valuable information showing whether the body and mind is responding in a way that signifies success.

Meditation is made Easier

Our device shows progress being made, relaxation is no longer a ‘hit-or-miss’ activity. It shows results, there and then. Monitor your progress with different meditation techniques, body positions, breathing routines or guided meditations.

How our Meditation Tool Works

It contains a computer processing chip which is programmed to measure the electrical properties of the human skin. Several times per second, it takes a precise measurement of conductivity and performs complex calculations.

Many years ago, psychology-science discovered that skin conductivity rapidly changes in response to emotions and physical and mental activity. This was known as the galvanic skin response GSR, and today electro-dermal activity, EDA. Psychologist developed electronic equipment to monitor the GSR / EDA and, with the information from them it was easier to learn relaxation and meditation skill. The equipment became known as biofeedback machines, devices, or monitors.

You do not automatically experience meditation by using our device. It monitors you and, in real-time, indicates whether in the last moment you have relaxed a little, become a little less relaxed, or if you have stayed unchanged.

Light Mode Sound Mode  
Red Rising Tone You became less relaxed in the previous moment.
Green Falling Tone You became more relaxed in the previous moment.
White Constant Tone No change in your relaxation In the previous moment.

Additional Function -
Indicates the level of Relaxation or Meditation

Our Device has an extra light (blue) or extra beep-sound that indicates when consistent (a few minutes of) relaxation or meditation has occurred. This, in affect, indicates a level of achievement; the device can show 10 levels of achievement. To achieve level ten, takes about twenty minutes of consistent relaxation, for beginners it takes longer. After level ten you can continue and aim for level twenty, and so on.

However, the way it is programmed means that if you get good at relaxation then, reaching successive levels becomes a little harder as it re-calibrates itself to the skill of the user.

Personal Human Magnetism Training Tool

This website will explain a little about the esoteric concept of human or personal magnetism and how it applies to spiritual development. There is a techniques, called the human magnetism hand-grip exercise, that generates more nerve-force human magnetism energy.

A Noumic Device being used for the human magnetism hand grip exercise.Because hand-grip pressure has a huge affect on the Noumic Device's ability to monitor the electrical properties of human skin, it can act as a hyper-sensitive hand-grip pressure monitor. So our device is an excellent human magnetism training tool.

Our web author says:-

For more in depth information and instructions for using our invention device see our noumic.com website.

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