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Lesson 1: More Spiritual Energy
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The Anatomy of Breathing

Proper breathing brings health and vitality. We recommend that you breath as nature intended because more of a special type of energy gets absorbed and this helps in spiritual development.

Nose Breathing is Good

 picture of the human nose, because we recommend nose breathing as the best and natural method for breathing healthily.The nose mechanism warms and humidifies air preparing it for the lungs and leads to a healthier respiratory systems. It filters out impurities, germs, bacteria and other micro organisms as they are stopped by the mucous membrane of the nostrils.

Mouth Breathing is Bad

Mouth breathing allows cold air and impurities to enter into the respiratory organs which can injuring them. Mouth breathing lowers the air pressure in the lungs making them less efficient.

The Lungs

the human lungs, use fully for proper breathingAir from the nose or mouth passes through the larynx to the trachea or windpipe which subdivides into numerous bronchial tubes and further subdivide into minute tubes to all the small air cells in the lungs.

lung cellThe lungs are spongy and porous and contain millions of lung cells. Air is inhaled and oxygen comes into contact with the impure blood through the thin walls of the lung cells.

A form of combustion takes place, the blood takes up oxygen and releases carbonic acid gas that is generated from the waste and poisonous matter, this generates heat. Blood leaves the lungs, bright red and full of life giving properties.

When oxygen comes into contact with blood it removes impurities and unites with the haemoglobin to be carried to every cell, muscle and organ of the body. Sufficient fresh air is needed to oxygenate and clean the blood, insufficient has a negative effect on the whole body.

The Diaphragm human diaphragm animation, use the diaphragm fully for proper breathing.

Air is drawn into the lungs by the action of the diaphragm. The diaphragm is a strong, flat muscle stretched across the chest from side to side and the back to the front. It divides the chest from the abdomen.

When the diaphragm expands, it increases the size of the chest and lungs, and air rushes into the vacuum created. When it relaxes the chest and lungs contract. We suggest the complete breathing method exercise where all areas of the lungs (the three lobes, upper, mid and lower) are used fully.

The upward and downward movement of the diaphragm has a massaging and stimulating effect on the important body organs; the stomach, liver and intestines are stimulated which encourages them to perform their functions.

Spiritual Science of Breathing

Breathing brings more into the body than just oxygen. Our sources of wisdom explain that breathing also absorbs a metaphysical or 'universal' energy into the body. In the West they call it life force or vital force, in the East they call it prana or chi energy.

Universal energy flowing into the earth becomes prana or vital or life force energy, proper breathing absorbs more of it.We explain about this in our metaphysics energy page. We want you to understand it, how your body gets it, where your body stores it and how it is used. We want you to experience the feeling of more energy and encourage you do our breathing exercises.

This page is part of our human nerve force energy + proper breathing lesson, because better breathing enhances potential for spiritual development.

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