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Lesson 1: More Spiritual Energy
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Breath Better, Full and Rhythmically

Proper breathing brings health and vitality. We recommend full and rhythmic breathing because more of a special type of energy gets absorbed and this helps in spiritual development.

Good Breathing Improves Your Health

Breathing fully will give your skin a more healthy appearance. Your body will take on an improved shape because the diaphragm, stomach and chest muscles will be used fully.

When you are worried or anxious your breathing rhythm changes; every emotion tends to have an impact on the way you breathe. The reverse is also true, so breathing fully has the effect of calming the body and the mind.

Blood cell, good breathing absorbs more oxygen and gives out more carbon dioxide. Improves Oxygen Intake

Good breathing improves oxygen intake and also removes more carbon dioxide and other poisons from your body. All the tissues of the body require an oxygen rich supply of blood. The stomach, in particular, requires oxygen from the blood in order to digest food properly and gain all the nutrients.

Types of Improper Breathing

There are improper methods of breathing which only fill parts of the lungs. They absorb enough oxygen for daily life but sometimes barely enough to maintain a healthy vigorous body.

Human diaphragm positions during proper full and rhythmic breathing in and out.High Breathing: This fills only the upper part of the lungs, which are the smallest, so a minimum amount of air enters. High breathing is the worst form of breathing as it requires the greatest amount of energy with the smallest amount of benefit.

Mid Breathing: This fills only the middle and a portion of the upper parts of the lungs.

Low Breathing: This fills only the lower and a portion of the middle parts of the lungs. It is far better than the above two methods but still does not use all areas of the lungs to their full potential.

Complete Breathing is Best

Complete breathing is the best method, this uses all parts of the lungs and eliminates the bad points of improper breathing.

A Good Breathing Rhythm

By breathing rhythm we mean the time of breathing in and out, and perhaps, time where the breath is held.

Graph showing a proper breathing rhythm, breathing in and out for a roughly similar time.Our body naturally controls the breathing rhythm depending upon the activity of the body or upon the state of mind. When anxious or worried we breathe in one way, when calm and peaceful we breathe differently.

We can interfere with our natural breathing rhythms but, by practicing our complete and rhythmic breathing exercise, you can help the body work as nature intended.

Our improved breathing exercise recommends that the same amount of time is spent on breathing in as on breathing out.

Spiritual Science of Breathing Better

Metaphysics energy around the earthOur sources of wisdom explain that, by understand the spiritual science of metaphysical energy and by learning proper, full and rhythmic, breathing:

Better breathing enhances spiritual development.
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: More Spiritual Energy.

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