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Lesson 1: More Spiritual Energy
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Personal Magnetism

To clarify, by personal magnetism or the quality of human magnetism, we do not mean charisma or personality characteristics, it has a more profound and esoteric definition relevant to spiritual development.

Human Magnetism and Breathing

Human magnetism field, human physical magnetism, nerve force energy radiating outside of the human body.Our human electricity page explains that nerve impulses within the human nervous system and brain create electro-magnetic fields and energy waves that can travel outside of the body. Our spiritual sources explain that, in the nervous system and brain, there also flows a metaphysical nerve force energy, which behaves similar to electricity, but, has other qualities.

Metaphysical nerve force energy is absorbed into the body mostly by breathing and our breathing lesson pages and exercise will help you to absorb lots more.

Physical human magnetism is created by the nerve force energy flowing through the nervous system, which radiates out from the body.

  • Physical magnetism can influence other people who are close by. If positive, other people are energised and even their health can improve; if negative, their energy is drained.

  • Physical magnetism can be seen by some people. People with special sensitive sight, e.g. some clairvoyants, can see human magnetism energy as colours surrounding the body; called the human aura.

Mental human magnetism is created by the nerve force energy flowing in the brain, which radiates out from the body.

  • Mental magnetism can influence the mood of other people who are close by.If positive, they feel more hopeful and optimistic; if negative, they feel more depressed.

  • Mental magnetism can transmit information; brain energy, or thoughts, can be sent to other people; i.e. telepathy.

Enhancing Personal Magnetism

Our sources of wisdom explain, and we will too, ways for developing more powerful physical human magnetism and a better quality of mental human magnetism.

By developing and combining the two types of human magnetism, you gain a personal magnetism energy that is :

  • Extremely helpful for enhancing your potential for spiritual self-development.

  • Improves health, emotional well-being, and increases mind & body energy.

  • Helps other people, they become more energised and emotionally positive when in your presence.

Factor to be considered are:

  • Generating more nerve force energy in the nervous system and in the brain, and better breathing absorbs more.

  • Distributing nerve force throughout the body more efficiently and reducing energy leaks and wastage.

  • Methods for energising physical magnetism by consciously adding force to it.

  • Mind development techniques that enhance mental magnetism.

Because better breathing generates a stronger human magnetism, this page is part of our Human Nerve Force and Proper Breathing" Lesson.

We have given more information about personal magnetism and a simple method for understanding nerve force energy, see our Personal Magnetism page.

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