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Lesson 1: More Spiritual Energy
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Human Metaphysical Energy

There is a spiritual science explanation for the energy found in the human nervous system. This nerve force energy behaves in ways similar to electric energy in the body but it is not the same.

Mind is the Source of Energy
Fundamental Energy

Fundamental energy in the atmosphere transforming into life force or vital force.Our sources of wisdom explain that the ultimate source of energy is Mind. Mind condenses to become the essence of all energy, fundamental energy, and this exists throughout the Universe.

In the atmosphere of planets fundamental energy transforms; some takes a form that is easily absorbed by living things. This, transformed fundamental energy, has been called life force or vital force; in the East they call it prana energy or chi energy.

Life Force / Vital Force becomes
Nerve Force

Our sources of wisdom explain that, life force / vital force from the atmosphere is absorbed into the human body. When inside the human body they call this energy nerve force. Nerve force energy is the real source of all bio-nervous energy in living things and is used for:

Some life force / vital force is absorbed via the fresh food and water we consume but, most is absorbed by the breathing mechanism.

Human Energy Systems - Physical and Non-physical

Life force or vital force energy in the human body.It is possible to get more life force / vital force energy into the human nervous system. You can absorb more and distribute more, and it can be stored within special areas of the nervous system and brain.

Our sources of wisdom explain that human beings have other, non physical, bodies. In particular, there is a subtle body or astral body and this has its own energy systems.

When more life force / vital force is absorbed into the nervous system more is also available to the non-physical, energy systems.

Life Force / Vital Force is not Electricity

When life force / vital force is absorbed into the body it becomes nerve force, and this has some properties similar to electricity:

But nerve force also has other properties:

Metaphysics and Human Energy,
in brief...

This page is part of our human nerve force energy + proper breathing lesson, because better breathing absorbs more metaphysical energy which enhances potential for spiritual development.

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