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Human Magnetism and Breathing

Theron Q Dumont

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Personal Magnetism

If you are interested in the subject of personal magnetism then this website will be of interest to you and there will be advice, guidance and practical information to help you develop your human magnetism potential.

To clarify, by personal magnetism, we do not mean simply human magnetism like charisma and personality characteristics. We believe there is a deeper, and somewhat esoteric meaning, and our sources of spiritual wisdom give good advice on how to develop it and use it for spiritual self-development.

Human Magnetism - Nerve Force Energy

The spiritual-science of human magnetism :-

Exercise in understanding nerve-force that is the source of energy that creates Personal Magnetism or Human Magnetism.

There is a basic, but crucial, exercise that helps people feel and understand what nerve-force, human magnetism, energy is all about:-

  • If you clench your hand, this mobilises will-power, parts of the brain sends nerve impulses to your muscles and nerves in the hand return impulses to the brain, some human magnetism is created.

  • Normally, clenching the hand is a quick movement, a burst of nervous activity; however, doing it slowly builds up nerve energy and has the effect of creating more human magnetism.

  • Once you learn to do this with your hand, a significant part of the body and full of nerves, you can then apply it to all parts of the body.

The human magnetism and nerve force hand-grip exercise.

Take a stick, of about an inch diameter, gently hold it and very slowly increase the pressure of holding until you hold it firmly; do not rush, take a few minutes only increasing the pressure of holding minutely. The affect of this is :-

  1. You learn how direct energy into the nerves of your hand while not necessarily affecting the muscles.

  2. It feels as if your hand is actually charging with energy. In fact, this is what is happening; nerve energy is directed to the hand and stays there instead of being instantly used up.

  3. This exercise builds up nerve energy and has the effect of increasing human magnetism.

Personal Magnetism Training Tool

A few years ago we developed a computerised human monitor device as a relaxation and meditation aid. They can also serve as hyper-sensitive hand-grip pressure monitors.

For the human magnetism hand-grip exercises, our invention device can be used instead of holding a stick; this YouTube video explains how. Our web author says:-

Perhaps, our invention is the first personal human magnetism training tool! Our Noumic website gives more information about and instructions how to use it.

Human Magnetism and
Enhancing Spiritual Development

This website gives teachings, exercises, and practical suggestions that help people who are on a journey of spiritual self-development. We believe that generating and distributing more nerve force human magnetism is helpful, perhaps essential, for enhancing spiritual development.

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