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Lesson 1: More Spiritual Energy
Lesson 2: Coming Soon

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Human Magnetism
by Theron Q Dumont Theron Q Dumont, aka William Walker Atkinson.Perry Rabbitts who recorded the teachings of Theron Q Dumont about human magnetism.

Our website author, Mr Perry Rabbitts made these recordings about 10 years ago because he believed that people would benefit from hearing Theron Q Dumont's explanations about human magnetism.

The Theory and Practice of
Human Magnetism

These recordings are simply read from Theron Q Dumont book, the heronry and practice of human magnetism. In this website we explain more about human magnetism but here you can relax, sit back and close your eyes. Listen to the wisdom from Theron Q Dumont.

19.3 Introduction for Spiritualists
14.7 Two types of human magnetism
19.3 Mental Magnetism (Introduction)
22.1 Physical Magnetism (Introduction)
20.2 Physical Magnetism
31.7 Generation of human magnetism
22.9 Distribution of human magnetism
29.0 Exercises to distribute human magnetism
18.8 Projection of personal magnetism
27.1 Mental attitude
17,7 Magnetic currents
15,7 Personal magnetism and Spiritualists
5,8 Summary

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