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Lesson 1: More Spiritual Energy
Lesson 2: Coming Soon

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These are amateur audio recordings and Mr Rabbitts does not capture the true power and fluency of Emma Hardinge's inspired speaking. Please forgive any errors he makes.

Spiritualism Wisdom
by Emma Hardinge

Emma Hardinge BrittenPerry Rabbitts who recorded the 1865 series of lectures first given by Emma Hardinge Britten.Our website author, Mr Perry Rabbitts recorded these lectures because he believes that people will benefit from hearing Emma Hardinge's wide-ranging spiritual philosophy.

The Philosophy of
Modern Spiritualism

In 1865 Emma Hardinge Britten returned to England and was invited by a Spiritualist society in London to give lectures on the Philosophy of Modern Spiritualism.

Emma refers many times to a subject that we think is important, read about it in our human magnetism page. But now, relax, sit back and close your eyes. Listen to wisdom from the remarkable Mrs Emma Hardinge Britten.

35.1 1.1 Are the teachings of Christianity and the facts recorded in the Gospels elucidated and confirmed by Spiritualism?
2.9 1.2 What is truth?
6.0 1.3 What proof have we that communicating spirits are spirits who have lived amongst us?
5.1 1.4 Can Miss Hardinge give us some idea of what constitutes mediumship?
9.1 1.5 Connection and relation between the brain and the mind.
39.5 2.1 What is the basis of the connection of the Natural and Spiritual Worlds?
15.2 2.2 Explain the causes of moral and physical evil in the world, and how imperfection in man can be reconciled with the idea of a perfect Creator?
13.8 2.3 How are we to receive opposite teachings from spirits who seem to be good, holy, and Christian?
3.3 2.4 Miss Hardinge continued: Relation of natural and spiritual worlds.
60.8 3.1 Is Modern Spiritualism the Witchcraft referred to in the Bible: Will you define the difference between them?
10.8 3.2 Levitation and matter transformation, what is the scientific explanation?
1.9 3.3 Closing thoughts.and prayer.
15.6 4.1 Philosophy of The Spirit Circle.
80.9 4.2 Philosophy of The Spirit Medium.
35.1 5.1 Ancient Magic and Modern Spiritualism.
25.1 5.2 Modern Spiritualism – The 'Hydesville, Rochester' Knockings.
26.3 5.3 Spiritualism's Future.
70.2 6. What is Spirit
34.9 7.1 Hades, ‘The land of the dead.’
37.2 7.2 Five points upon which all mediums agree.
7.4 7.3 Eternal progress.

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